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At PVCC we value the family as a divine creation with the highest potential to learn, experience love, comfort, security and the skills for successful living. The family is the bedrock for society. At PVCC, we desire to strengthen families and to be a refuge for families and singles.

At PVCC we value authentic relationships. We believe fellowship is the glue that holds people together. We often come together to foster friendships, connecting with each other through ministry−related events and shared leisure activities. We also value culturally diverse and intergenerational relationships as a key aspect to Christian living, both as individuals and as families.

The Scriptures
At PVCC we value the Bible as our final authority in matters of belief, behavior, and the development of our faith in all subjects it addresses. We are committed to reading God’s Word as a part of our spiritual walk with the Lord.

Spiritual Growth
At PVCC we value the spiritual growth of Christians into maturity. We provide relevant and challenging Biblical teaching, as well as opportunities to fellowship with other believers.

At PVCC we value communication with God through prayer. We believe that God speaks to us through prayer and answers us according to His will for our lives.

At PVCC we value active participation in local and global outreach. We are intentional in building relationships with people, impacting the community, and reaching the world for Christ.

At PVCC we value worship as a momentous and valuable experience. We offer both contemporary and traditional styles as we worship God together.

At PVCC we value a ‘keep it simple and smart’ or KISS principle towards life. We endeavor to keep church life uncomplicated, not to be distracted by passing trends in politics, theology or philosophy. Our desire is to center our time, attention and relationships on Christ and His love. In this way, we maintain church−wide focus and a strong commitment to ongoing fellowship.

At PVCC we value a community where emotional and spiritual safety is key and free from gossip, judgment, or politics. We strive to provide an environment where people can find comfort, love, acceptance, help, hope, and forgiveness.

Balanced Living
At PVCC we value God’s leading and direction. We believe that God leads us by: the Holy Spirit, through revelation of scripture and through life circumstances. We believe that people learn and grow from understanding and uncertainty, joy and sorrow. And, ultimately God’s will unfolds in our lives, impacting each person.

Accountable Leadership
At PVCC we value Spirit-led leaders who engage in prayer for our spiritual community. We value those leaders who have God’s plans at the forefront in any collaborative decision−making. We value their pliable hearts, commitment to excellence and objective communication.