2885 pinole valley rd
pinole, california 94564


Senior Pastor John Wright & Linda Wright (wife)

Married to Linda and have 3 children, John Jr, Lorraine & Wesley.
Have 4 beautiful grandchildren.

What do you love about what you do?
Seeing the power of the scripture, the Holy Spirit, and worship transform broken lives. Putting people ‘at ease’ in the church and the family of God. Seeing little orphans warm, fed, and loved.

Favorite dessert?
Key Lime Pie…if not available, I just have more mashed potatoes.

Favorite things to do?
Backyard gardening, trout fishing, playing my guitar and watching sunsets.

If you could ask God one question, what would it be?

How come I don’t look like Tom Selleck, sing like Josh Groban, and think like Albert Einstein? Seriously, I would ask the Lord, 'What is the best way to reach into the heart of my church and inspire action?'

What makes you laugh?
When little children make fairly profound statements. The sometimes−embarrassing honesty of kids. An unexplainable and quizzical expression I see occasionally on my wife’s face.

Washington, D.C.

Years served in ministry?

How did you become a Christian?
One evening while living with my sister in Kentucky, I heard Billy Graham on the radio tell the story of John Wesley. He quoted Wesley saying, ‘I felt my heart strangely warmed. I trusted Christ.…’ that phrase stuck. A few weeks later I knelt by my bedside and asked God to give me whatever Billy Graham and Wesley were talking about. I felt a sudden rush of peace and warmth. The next morning I knew I was changed. I was 15. Soon after, I went to a Woolworth’s Five and Dime store and bought a littler zipper Bible and began a life long journey in the Word. I used to sleep with that Bible under my pillow. My sister took me to church with her and I knew I was home.

Name of High School?
Central High School (Seat Pleasant, MD)

Name of Seminary?
Washington Bible College (Lanham, MD)

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